Message from the Principal

Dear Canaan Families:

In my forty-eight years as an educator in the State of Maine I have never experienced an ending to a school year like this one.  This is unprecedented.  We did the best we could to do distance learning but everyone, students, parents, and teachers missed being at the Canaan School.  It is a very special place where students feel safe and families feel respected.  Our school is a unique place where staff members come to stay, and we know you and your children. 

The 2019-20 school year, without question, will be forever marked by the Coronavirus Pandemic and the impact it had not only to our schools, but our society.  Almost overnight our schools were transformed.  I could not be prouder of our staff, students, and their families for the grace and resilience in the face of change that was thrust upon them over the last few months. Thank you for your part in making your child’s educational experience a positive one.  This pandemic has certainly provided us with challenges, but it has also shone a light on the strength and compassion of our community.  It is my hope that we will have a normal start to school in the fall.  We all yearn for things to go back to the way they were. Enclosed is a 2020-21 school calendar.

There will not be a rank card coming home for the third trimester.  All the work was done remotely and none of it was graded.  Some people did work online while others did paper packets.  Because of the wide variation no grades were given, hence no third trimester rank cards.
It is our goal to be back in the Fall with our students and staff safely in our building.  We will be taking the guidance from the Maine Department of Education and the Maine CDC to develop a plan to safely start school on September 1st.  Part of this process will include a parent survey to get feedback and insight on the past three months and thoughts regarding the year ahead.  Please take advantage of the opportunity to give your feedback. Community stakeholders will be engaged via conversations and by utilizing the District webpage. We will also use emails to distribute information on our progress over the summer.  Because of the uncertainty for the coming school year, your child’s class assignment will be determined the beginning of August.

Canaan is a great town and we are developing some outstanding young citizens.  There are many wonderful things happening at Canaan Elementary School.  Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you and your children again in school come September 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude and sincerest thanks for all your support over the past 19 years as Principal of Canaan Elementary School.  I am very excited to start school next year.  Despite all the uncertainty and the many unknown, we will get through these tough times together.  It truly takes a village to raise a child so, Don’t Quit, Keep Trying!!



Steve Swindells