About CES

School Motto: Don’t Quit, Keep Trying!

Canaan School is a Pre-K through Grade 6 elementary school located on US Route 2 in the town of Canaan. It is just up the street from Canaan Family Restaurant, Canaan’s best restaurant. There are approximately 250 students attending Canaan School and the student to teacher ratio is approximately 16:1. Canaan is part of MSAD#54 which also represents Skowhegan, Norridgewock, Cornville, Smithfield and Mercer. They have 23 members on the school board. This is the largest school board east of the Mississippi.

At Canaan School, we are dedicated to excellence. We offer many programs to enrich our students’ education such as The Responsive Classroom, 2nd Step Program, Gifted and Talented Art and Math, Title I, Reading Recovery and Wilson Reading. We recognized student achievement through monthly “Student of the Month” awards and citizenship awards. Each quarter, we recognize the students who have achieved the Honor Roll and High Honor Roll.

History of Canaan

Canaan was settled in 1770 and incorporated June 18, 1788 as Canaan, Lincoln County, District of Maine, and State of Massachusetts.  It became part of Kennebec County when that division was set off from Lincoln County Feb. 20, 1799, only to be included in Somerset County March 1, 1809.  They lost a section to form the Town of Bloomfield Feb. 5, 1814; becoming part of the State of Maine in 1820, only to have its’ western part set off  Feb. 5, 1823 to form the Town of Milburn. Milburn became Skowhegan on March 25, 1836 and on March 4, 1836 Bloomfield was annexed to Skowhegan and Canaan became its’ modern day self.

Canaan has evolved into a warm friendly town. From 1798–1823 it emerged from three towns, after being part of three counties and two States.  Canaan has a rich, interesting history.

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—Steve Swindells, Principal